About Us

The streets be talkin!
So listen!
Our Vision

Our mission is to empower today's culture and make them feel inspired and self confident everyday no matter the challenges they face.

When we are able to wear what makes us feel out spoken and proud we are able to be our best selves, and in return live the life as we desire. To not be ridicule, antagonize, judged or hated it on.

We are changing that because we are building the first and only brand the speaks for you.

Our Company Name
Los Angeles CA based brand

HIAC is an acronym. Which stands for:

In 2012 I was working as a over the road truck driver and one day my broke down at a fuel station. An older white gentleman came up to me and offer me some help. While helping we started talking and in the middle of the conversation he call me a n****r to my face as he continued to help me! I was confused because I thought to myself how can you hate me and help me at the same time.

Now I understand that HATE is thought and brought about out of fear and jealousy. Everyone has experience Hate at some point in their life. No one can judge you nor can you judge anyone. We are all just people from different walks of life with different perspectives and values.

The world has change so has the game. HIAC BRANDS represents you the culture, how you look, feel and move through them streets. Let us tell the world how you feel!